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About me: My name is Lahaina Joy I am a Junior at APU currently studying to become a clinical psychologist and work for the FBI. I have an amazing husband (to be) and friends that I know will last a life time. People say I'm hard working, determined, and seem to be perfect because of everything I manage..but I am not..this is my blog..the random, dorky, emotional (at some points), blog of a woman finding her way through life...
its about my pschoanalyzing my own dreams and coming up with why I act the way I do...and maybe through these dreams I can figure out my subconcious emotions and adjust them to not bother me anymore.

Things I <3: God, Family, Friends, Fashion, converstaions over coffee late at night, random messages, nature and its silence, going out with the blood sisters, singing, reading, photography, basking in the glory of success, helping others, working hard, work, dreaming, and last but not least my husband to be who helps me get through things and helps me realize that together we can accomplish anything.

Things I detest: uneducated people, people who are lazy and cant seem to find the answer out without trying first, dirty finger nails, people who cant seem to match and think its considered fashion, and people who cant seem to work hard.

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Now THIS is what I call #island #grinds #808 #hawaiian #food #foodporn  #sploshing #yum #tuna #islandlove #islandfood (Taken with instagram)

Now THIS is what I call #island #grinds #808 #hawaiian #food #foodporn #sploshing #yum #tuna #islandlove #islandfood (Taken with instagram)

Tagged: islandfoodhawaiianfoodpornfoodislandgrindssploshing808yumislandlovetuna

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